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Principal / Landscape Architect

Margarette Beckwith oversees all projects at Beckwith Chapman Associates. Her design experience spans both private practice and academia. At the outset of her career as a landscape architect, she acquired experience in several well-established landscape architecture firms and participated in a wide variety of project types. While on the faculties of Kansas State University, Miami University and the University of Cincinnati her responsibilities included courses in architecture, landscape architecture, history of the designed environment, and graphic communication. In 1986, she and Allen Chapman, architect, established the design firm of Beckwith Chapman Associates which is philosophically committed to the successful integration of buildings with the landscape.

Margarette has researched the topic of therapeutic gardens with particular emphasis on the value to individuals with severe cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A number of articles have been published in journals in this country and Japan, indicating the value of her approach for designers, facility administrators, and health care staff. Her work is included in Healing Gardens: Therapeutic Benefits and Design Recommendations , (1999, Marcus and Barnes, John Wiley Press). Margarette has participated as speaker and facilitator in numerous conferences, including the National Alzheimer’s Design Assistance Program sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Ms Beckwith is professionally registered as a landscape architect in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.